It is Party Time Again at Toastmasters 75!

Where were you in 1994?

Certainly not on Google (born in 1998) or Instagram/Whatsapp/Facebook (born in 2004). Maybe not even born at all? Yet, that year, a group of pioneers created Toastmasters 75.

To celebrate this event, we are pleased to invite you to the 30th anniversary of the Toastmasters 75 club, one of the most dynamic and friendly public speaking clubs in Paris!

Toastmasters 75 club was founded with the mission of providing a positive and stimulating learning environment, where each member has the opportunity to develop their communication and leadership skills.

For 30 years, Toastmasters 75 club has accompanied hundreds of people in their personal and professional journey, by offering them training, evaluation, advice and support in the friendly and quiet atmosphere of Forum 104 in Montparnasse, in the Nymphéas room between 19:00 and 21:30, Metro: Montparnasse or Saint-Placide (4, 6, 12).

To register for this unforgettable event, follow the link:

WARNING: The number of places being unfortunately limited, we will process requests on a first-come, first-served basis

So, drop Google, drop Facebook, and come to celebrate with us the 30 years of Toastmasters 75!

Winter Solstice Warmth and Cheer - Happy New Year 2024!

We had a very special one-hour meeting on December 21. 

Thomas opened the meeting as Sergeant of Arms. President Ray welcomed the guests and turned the meting over to Colleen, Toastmaster of the Evening (TME). 

The main focus of the first part of the meeting was on impromptu speaking (Table Topics). Yun won the Table Topics ribbon. Nur was the Harkmaster; Rob the Timer.

The second hour of our meeting took place in the atrium downstairs. Of the English-speaking clubs, Toastmasters 75 has the unique opportunity to meet  in a facility with a variety of rooms and a kitchen and atrium we can reserve. 

The buffet consisted of breads, foie gras, chicken wings, tuna salad with apples, fruit, desserts, including Rob's Pavlova cake, beer, wine, water and music!

Forum 104's atrium for our Winter Solstice Buffet

Anita received her Level 1 Achievement ribbon and certificate fron VPE and TME Collelen

Toastmaster of the Evening Colleen with Yun our Table Topics winner

Winter Solstice Meeting

Join us for a one-hour Table Topics meeting (impromptu speaking) and then one hour of food, beverages and thought-provoking games at Forum 104, 104 rue de Vaugirard, 75006. 

Bring something to eat or drink and there will be no 10 Euros entry fee. It will be our treat for you. Register:

Carron elected VPPR Guest Relations

At our December 7 meeting, our energetic Carron was elecged as Toastmasters 75's new Vice President Public Relations (VPPR) for guest relations. Carron's role is important as she will be the guest's first contact with the club. She will work with Vice President Membership (VPM) Nisseem to welcome guests by email, inviting them to join our meetings. 

"The Final Push" December 7 meeting theme

Philippe Table Topics Winner

Toastmaster of the Evening (TME) Rob's December 7 meeting theme was "The Last Push". Philippe won the Table Topics vote on his last push for climate change.

Meeting the French and Casting a Blank Vote

Nisseem (Persuasive Influence path) shared how he integrated with the French participating in the Corrida de Noël in Issy-Moulineaux. 

Thomas (Presentation Mastery path) gave a persuasive speech on the inequality of a smudged ballot and a blank vote.

Pathways Achievers

VPPR Colleen awarded Level Achievement ribbons to Thomas (Presentation Mastery Level 2) and Philippe (Effective Coaching Level 3) in the  Toastmasters International education program "Pathways".

Socializing before and after the meeting

Our meetings are very social. We socialize when the doors open at 19:00 (meeting starts at 19:30); at the break and after the meeting at the pub Forum 104 across the street. Guests and members are always welcome to join in the after-party!

Snacks, Speeches & Smiles

November 30 socializing included tangerines, cheese, chocolate cookies, etc. But enough about the food! We had a tie for Table Topics (Awa and Thomas), Best Speech for the vocal variety and body language project (Yun) and Best Evaluator, Carron. 

Thomas' speech, "We All Start Somewhere" was on his experience as a mentor protegé.

Yun's speech was "What I Learn From Running". She will give the speech again, using the feedback she received from this speech. We learned about three comparitive lessons about life using running as the analogy.

Nisseem's speech was "My First Overseas Journey". He took us along on his first plane ride when he found out he was changing job locations from India to France.

Table Topics, First Time and Evaluations

For the November 16, 2023 meeting, the doors opened at 19:00 with a socializing half-hour, Anita's pain d'épice, cookies, croissants and apple juice. 

Thomas was our Table Topics winner with the theme: "Colors". 

Yun was General Evaluator for the first time🥳 .

Rob evaluated Colleen's speech "PR and Rugby are Teamwork in Motion".

Carron evaluated Ray's speech "The e-Myth Revisited".

Stéphane was the Table Topics Evaluator and did a great job for his first time in English!🎉.

Speeches and Fun

The two speakers on November 16, were Colleen with "PR and Rugby are Teamwork in Motion" and Ray with "The E-Myth Revisited". 

Colleen's takeaway: "Some times are perfect from the start of the match; for others it takes time to develop a functioning team". 

Ray's takeaway: "When you hear something, you will forget it. When you see something, you will remember it. But not until you do something, will you understand it."--Chinese proverb

Anita was our Toastmasters of the Evening. 

As Grammarian, Thomas' word of the day was "Rainbow". 

Philippe was timekeeper, Thomas Grammarian and Ah Counter, Nur was Table Topics Master.

Our special guests were Stéphane and Philippe-Minh, Vera and Pierre.

VPE Colleen will be preparing the 2024 Toastmaster of the Evening roles for January to July.

The meeting ended on time. 

Philippe goes to the Area Contest

At the October 26, 2023 meeting, TM Philippe Bouchet, qualified as our International Speech Contestant. As Philippe was the only contestant, he finished his speech within the 7 minutes and qualified to represent Toastmasters 75. The next level is the Area A4 Contest on January 20. 🤩🎉

Guest Vera Wins Table Topics Ribbon

Everyone had a chance to speak at the October 26 meeting. After Philippe's speech, it was a Table Topics marathon with everyone participating, including  members and guests, Vera, Rachel, Pierre and Svetlana. After the meeting we enjoyed socializing at the remodeled bistro Kibaloma.

New Meeting Time

Beginning with our November 16 meeting, the doors open at 19:00.  The meeting starts at 19:30. This decision was made at the October 30 ExCom (Executive Committee) meeting.

This will give members an opportunity to help guests when they arrive, sign in, get their name badge, meet the members and pay the 10 Euros. The meeting starts at 19:30. You are welcome to bring something to drink and snacks.