How to Become a Member


Once you are member, there is no more additional cost. No restaurant fee, no entrance fee.

How Can I Get the Most for my Club Membership?

We are looking for active self-starting members who participate regularly, sign up proactively for future events. 

Qualities we are looking for:

What is the difference between member and guest ?

Members have an assigned role and can give prepared speeches. They also have mentors and have access to the Pathways education program. Guests may be asked to participate in Table Topics® if you accept the challenge.

Membership Dues

15€ less if you are alrealdy member of Toastmasters International. We need your toastmasters number.

Membership Dues Structure

We have a dedicated space to speak amongst ourselves without interference from other groups.

The dues include:

- Membership to the club and Toastmasters International October to September. TMI Dues

- Room rental, other club costs (stationery, ribbons, trophies). Room Rent

- Name badge, bank fees, insurance fees, trophies . General costs

If you are happy and progress in your public speaking journey, you can renew your membership for next year

The pie chart below grossly represents the cost categories.

Once you are a member

Congratulations ! You'll have an induction ceremony.
Your first prepared speech will be an ice breaker.

You will have an account on

Become a Club Officer

You have a sense of duty and helping others. You want to grow your leadership skills.

Help make decisions for the club and members as an officer role to improve your leadership skills

Thank you for reading everything.
If you think some parts are unclear, please contact us.