Essential questions (FAQ)

In what language are the meetings ?


We have many nationalities in Toastmasters 75. Everyone speaks English at different levels.

Even if you are not native English speaker, you are welcome.

When are the Thursday meetings in 2023-2024?

September 7 and 21, 2023 

October 10 and 26, 2023

November 16 and 30, 2023

December 7 and 21, 2023

January 11 and 18, 2024

February 1 and 15, 2024

March 7 and 21, 2024

April 4 and 18, 2024

May 2 and 16 (place TBD), 2024

June 6 and 20, 2024

July 4 and 18, 2024

Why Join?

You will be interested if you are:

How can I become a member of your club ?

Follow this link for joining information: https://www.toastmasters75.org/become-member.

What is the price to become a member ?

Our price structure includes Toastmasters International annual dues, professional meeting room rental and funds necessary to run the club (like ribbons for Best Speaker, Evaluator or Table Topics speaker, etc.) Read  more about the structure: https://www.toastmasters75.org/become-member

What is our meeting address ?

Forum 104, 104 rue de Vaugirard 75006 Paris. At the reception desk they will let you know which is our room for the evening. 

Why the 10€  entrance contribution for guests

The club rents the room for our meetings. Member dues include the room rental fee. For example our meeting room, Cyprès costs 175 Euros per evening and Camelias is 115 per evening. 

Edit: the entrance fee is waived until April 2024.

Why it is important to register for all meetings you are a visitor?

We can be prepared to welcome you. 

And our Vice President Membership can contact you to say "hello".

Our Sergeant at Arms prepares the room and the correct number of seats.
Our Toastmaster of the Evening ( TME ) prints the correct number of agendas. 

As a courtesy, if you cancel, please contact us and let us know (contact@toastmasters75.org)

As a guest, can I participate ?

You are visiting us to focus on public speaking. You have opportunities to speak during the meeting! 

At the start of the session, you will introduce yourself in about 30 seconds : who you are, how public speaking can help you, why you are visiting us, if you have visited another club.

The impromptu speeches (Table Topics®) are a 1 to 2-minute short speech, designed to prepare you for ANY topic. As a guest, you have the opportunity to participate. Be brave and volunteer, however you are not obliged as a visitor. The Table Topic evaluator will give some constructive feedback on your mini speech.

There is also a 10€ entrance contribution per guest to support the room rent. We ask everyone to arrive at 19:00 to socialize, pick up name badges, mix and mingle and meet the guests.