How to become a Member


Toastmasters 75 business model is not a renewable subscription you pay and forgot to use. No sneaky subscription.
Think about a gym club (or Amazon Prime) membership.
In fact, Toastmasters 75 has no business model. It is a non-profit organisation 😃.

We are looking for active self-starting members who participate regularly, sign up by themselves on future events. 

Qualities we are looking for:

What is the difference between a member and a guest ?

Members have an assigned role and can give prepared speeches. They also have mentors and  have access to the Pathways educational program.

Guests may be asked to participate in Table Topics if you accept the challenge. Given the availabilities. 

Rules & Steps

Feel free to visit our club or any other Toastmasters club to see the right fit for you.

Toastmasters 75 has a few rules before accepting any new member.

1) First, when you visit the club, you have to introduce yourself to the club or participate in a table topic. The goal is that members assess your level of English fluency.

2) If you enjoy and want to become a member, write a short story to the VP membership about your motivations. Current club members will hold a vote to accept newbies. If you are accepted then read the next.

Price 178 EUR from february 2023 (room rent included)

Now once you are accepted. The next steps are:

3) Fill the form club number: 1575 , club name: Toastmasters 75 , city: Paris )

4) The total cost is 178 euros from February 2023 until September 2023. IBAN transfer is accepted. Bank details are here.

You are only counted as member once the payment is transferred and the form filled.

The fee 178€ might be a lot for some:
- we rent a dedicated room. We are not hosted in a restaurant or bar. A room rent costs 168€ per session.
- a professional speaking seminar is more much expensive.

This fee includes :

- Membership to the club and Toastmasters International for the period of now to September 2023 (including room rental, other club costs and Toastmasters International membership fees)

- The Toastmasters International new member fee (20€)

- The price for your name badge (9€)

If you are happy and progressed in public speaking journey, you can renew your membership for 2023-2024. We take this as a sign of satisfaction. There is no sneaky subscription. 

Once you are a member

Congratulations ! You'll have an induction ceremony.
Your first prepared speech will be an ice breaker.

You will have an account on

Become a club officer

You have a sense of duty and helping others. You want to grow your leadership skills.

It is take to take an officer role to improve your leadership skills