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Since September 2022, the club is 100% presence, and English only. If you are looking for a bi-lingual or French club visit Toastmasters International>Find a Club.

Toastmasters is a self-paced, non-profit education organization.

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Toastmasters 75 is an English-speaking club committed to improving your communication and leadership skills.

Toastmasters is a self-paced education organization. The program is based on learning by doing, receiving and giving feedback and participation in club activities and of course, having fun at the same time!

You will be interested if you are:

  • Interviewing for jobs

  • Giving business presentations

  • Leading seminars

  • Working with your international group

  • Being promoted

  • Building personal skills

  • Wanting to win an argument with the kids (or your companion/spouse)...

Toastmasters 75 meets to learn together and support each other on the learning path to effective communication, leadership and evaluations.

Our English-speaking club meets in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere twice a month on Thursday evenings near Montparnasse and Saint-Germain at Forum 104.

Toastmasters 75 is in Area A4, Division A (Paris region - French and English clubs) and District 59, western Europe.

Interested to become a member? ( in an exclusive club)
The procedure of becoming a member:
1) visit as a guest to get to know the club. Join once a
n impromptu speech ( shorter than 1 min)
2) become a member and start your learning path in public speaking.


Toastmasters 75
Club Number: 00001575,
District 59,
Area A4.
Date: Mar. 1, 1994.